This summer has been a productive one for members of Team Executive Enterprise, with an array of travel incentives providing chances to learn and network. We’ve ventured to Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas in recent weeks, bringing many valuable insights back to the office.

Travel is a big part of the investment we put into each and every individual on our team. The knowledge our people gain when they’re surrounded by high achievers from across our industry is priceless. Learning in a new context seems to help our associates absorb concepts more easily. As they add helpful contacts to their networks, our team members also build confidence in their communication skills.

Going to new places with teammates also helps our associates forge tighter bonds. The morale developed during our excursions streamlines collaboration around Executive Enterprise HQ as well. We look forward to coming to work even more after a team trip, because we get to follow up on all the fun we had on the road.

One of our leaders’ best travel tips is to keep a small go-bag ready at all times. This is an especially good idea if you take flights on a regular basis. Having some clothes and travel-sized essentials already packed is a real time saver.

We’re excited to keep our travel momentum going through the rest of 2018. Like Executive Enterprise onFacebookfor updates on our team excursions.

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