Executive Enterprise is a consulting firm specializing in leadership and management development. By offering an educational work place, employees are able to gain the benefits of business education and financial compensation at the same time. The upcoming business professionals employed at Executive Enterprise succeed due to the imperative fundamentals and disciplines taught on a daily basis. The Executive Enterprise team truly believes in providing the necessary tools and opportunities for individuals striving towards a successful career in business.


The management development program was designed to offer talented individuals a rewarding experience. It focuses on core values of business management and skill enhancement. The management development program was taken up to:

*Create an environment where individuals challenge themselves to achieve managerial roles.

*Develop strategies to enhance the knowledge and skills to prepare individuals for business opportunities.

*Provide the training necessary and adequate learning structure to meet an individual’s learning methods and assist them in achieving their personal career goals.

The program uses various educational combinations and strategies to develop innovative strategies that provide career and personal growth.

Human Resources Research

Research is vital in keeping data collection on recruiting and talent acquisitions. The program is designed to provide selected talented individuals an opportunity to shine in their career.

Primary Research (field research) involves collecting data for innovative recruiting strategies and methods to target talented individuals. Research is conducted through surveys, questionnaires, interviews and observations.

Secondary Research is the collection of data that already exists such as publications and consistent networking with other professionals in the human resources department.

Human Resources Strategy

Executive Enterprise invests in people, and in so doing, invests in the future. As one of the leading consulting firms for professional development, Executive Enterprise has several roles ranging from marketing and customer service representatives, administration, sales professionals, public relations associates, corporate trainers, business development specialists and also, offer internships for employees enrolled in college that provide credits towards their degrees. Offering a range of positions, the human resources department specializes in placing individuals in a position adequate to their talent, skill level, performance and productivity.


The vision is to identify talent and invest in them –providing selected individuals the proper training and education needed to be successful business professionals. To invest in the future, it is necessary to believe in the employees and invest in them first. The human resources’ strategy focuses on targeting talent and recruiting a diverse workforce. Executive Enterprise wants to ensure access to the widest pool of talent.

To assure a continuous stream of right talent, the organization offers paid training suited for every individual. The opportunities offered not only focuses on business success, but also provides opportunities to travel in all-inclusive paid trips and give employees a chance to learn about different cultures, networking with entrepreneurs — gaining personal insight on their achievements.

In addition to employees learning from other professionals, they develop skills to conquer fears such as public speaking or money management.


To maintain quality of staff, Executive Enterprise has put a major investment towards improving the knowledge and skills of their employees. It operates in a “never stop learning” policy and staff are expected to learn throughout their careers. The training program provides employees new or improved skills to preform tasks as proficient and effective as possible. Also, it provides the organization a number of benefits and requires employees to be more effective, consistent and productive. Consequently, establishing an aura of motivation and discipline essential for any career path.

Indoor and Outdoor Training

There are two types of training. Indoor training is based on teaching business strategies such as money management, business management and core fundamentals — focusing on business profitability, revenue and entrepreneurial skills. The outdoor training is more of a hands on training that focuses on strategies in marketing, sales, advertisement and the ability to master all crucial roles needed for business success.

Executive Enterprise believes on educating employees on everything a business entails. It gives employees the essential “wearing many hats” role – a skill that gives professionals an advantage in their career as well as experience for the near future.

Management Development

Once trained, Executive Enterprise promises their employees access to a variety of opportunities. The development program is about enhancing relevant skills, qualities and knowledge. People who take development opportunities can move into a more challenging and rewarding roles. The program is designed to develop employees so they can take on managerial roles. Everyday, employees develop skills and strategic knowledge to excel in their career, challenging their goals and business expectations.

Careers at Executive Enterprise

There are career opportunities at all levels within Executive Enterprise. All the careers benefit from the commitment to superior excellence and the action of implementing skills necessary in any career field. Executive Enterprise doesn’t focus on the development of one type of business but rather, on succeeding in all fields in business.

Jaclyn Zepernick, the Senior Managing Director has a key role in the development of business professionals. She provides the opportunity to reach goals and also provides coaching and mentoring to assist employees along their journey.

“I truly believe in giving people the career opportunity to be whomever they want to be, achieving and striving for excellence.” Jaclyn Zepernick

Vanessa Vargas, the Human Resources Director, has a vital position and is responsible for selecting and targeting true talent. As the director of the human resources department, having a keen eye for taking an individual’s strengths and talents is crucial in properly placing employees in a position where they shine. The opportunity is there, it is all about how employes use the training, education and tools to properly execute all strategies and skills learned.


Executive Enterprise is confident in achieving employee and client satisfaction. While servicing employee and clientele, the focus is to invest in the future. Part of implementing a policy of consistent learning, the organization is also eager to learn as well. Education is important for both employees and business as a whole. Executive Enterprise believes in learning as much from their employees and clientele as they do from them. The vision and values assure a rewarding educational experience that will in turn, provide the company an exciting learning experience as well.