Jackie, our Executive Enterprise CEO, believes in setting ambitious goals for career growth. Her commitment to lofty targets inspires all of us to set the bar higher with every milestone we reach. Jackie’s latest venture, her own blog with unique advice for entrepreneurs, reflects her dedication to challenging herself.

“My goal is to build the ‘sarcastic entrepreneur’ brand,” Jackie remarked. “The blog is the first step, with transparent and candid looks at what it really takes to succeed as a business founder. I want to provide would-be leaders with ‘real-talk’ advice, combining entertainment with powerful coaching.”

The blog is a launching point for Jackie’s brand, with plans for candles, t-shirts, and other items with “savage sayings” that provide lasting inspiration. Our CEO noted, “You don’t have to be just one type of entrepreneur. My vision for this blog is to have all kinds of content that will get people thinking about their own goals and how to improve their skill sets.”

Jackie even has plans for a podcast to keep building on her “sarcastic entrepreneur” idea. This further illustrates her knack for creating clear visions of success. She has helped infuse our Executive Enterprise culture with a larger emphasis on setting well-defined targets. Motivation remains high around our office as a result.

We’re excited to watch our CEO’s blog and brand take off. Like Executive Enterprise onFacebook for updates on these exciting new ventures.