We’ve adopted the motto “work hard, play harder” around the Executive Enterprise office. Our company culture is defined by the enthusiasm we bring to our jobs, and it’s one of the main reasons we continue to exceed our growth goals.

Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, stated, “Everyone on Team Executive Enterprise is willing to put his or her full effort in every single day. From the moment our associates walk into our office, they’re giving it their all to achieve our ambitious objectives. Although each team member is dedicated to doing his or her best, we also welcome collaboration because of the mutual respect that exists throughout our team.”

We’re always finding new ways to enhance team morale. Office competitions are among the most exciting methods for building a stronger camaraderie. Our “Best Dressed” contest tops the list, complete with our own runways and three team members nominated every day. Jaclyn remarked, “We love to incentivize hard work, and there’s something about being well dressed that gives our people more confidence to turn in their best efforts. Plus, it’s just a fun way to come together as teammates at the end of each busy workday.”

Travel opportunities are also key incentives we offer to inspire great performance. When we venture out to conferences and other big industry meetings, we gain insights into what it takes to thrive as leaders in our business.

We’re committed to maintaining a winning team atmosphere. Follow Executive Enterprise on Twitter to learn more about our team-building events.