As members of Team Executive Enterprise, we know that public speaking is essential for anything we may do in the future. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, one must be able to be an effective public speaker. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up through the course of our many public speaking experiences.

Perhaps the best strategy we’ve learned for effective speeches is telling memorable stories. Rather than simply share a collection of facts or statistics, we do our best to give every presentation some degree of narrative drive. By including vivid details, we make our listeners feel they’re part of the story as well.

When we use visual aids during our speeches, we’re sure to use images rather than text. Simply placing words on a slide doesn’t add any value to a presentation, but the right collection of images amplifies everything we say. Research has shown that using fewer words in visual aids helps people recall much more information.

Appropriate humor is also a key element of every Executive Enterprise speech. We want to build rapport with our audience members as quickly as possible. We’ve found that a mild joke is one of the most effective ways to get listeners on our side right off the bat.

These strategies help us connect with our audiences when we’re at the podium. Find more of our best speaking tips by liking Executive Enterprise on Facebook.