We’re committed to moving our Executive Enterprise careers forward through hard work and dedication. Those aren’t the only things that decide who gets promoted, though. That’s why we apply the following strategies to position ourselves for advancement.

Highlighting our relevant skills is one of the surest ways to make ourselves stand out as promotion-worthy. Sharing our expertise and achievements on our résumés is one thing, but doing the same on our own social media sites or blogs is even better.

We’ve also learned that investing in our own continuing education is a great way to push our careers to new levels. When we put time and resources into learning new things, we show our supervisors that we’re dedicated to moving beyond our current skill sets. Reaching new career heights is a constant learning process. With that in mind, we give ourselves good head starts through online courses and other methods.

It’s important to know what our top skills are, but it’s vital that we be able to explain why we’re ready for advancement when an opportunity presents itself. We practice our Executive Enterprise elevator pitches for networking events, but we also do so for our personal advancement efforts. If we can concisely make strong cases to top decision makers, we know we have better chances of getting promoted.

An individual must have a strong work ethic and student mentality to truly advance in his or her career. Follow Executive Enterprise on Twitter to receive more of our best advancement tips.