Jaclyn Zepernick, CEO of Executive Enterprise coaches her business management interns and trainees from all over the world how to promote themselves from within and achieve upper level management roles.

I love using different analogies to build and develop mentalities while keeping it fresh. This is one of my favorite examples used to differentiate followers and leaders. In every crowded room, there are a lot of thermometers and very few thermostats. In this article, I share my advice on how to set the tone anywhere, anytime with anyone.

Thermometer: (READS temperature) The person who walks into a room or situation and simply reads the temperature. Hot or cold; this person simply accepts their surroundings. The thermometer is quick to pass judgement or comment on the energy in room but will make little to no effort to adjust or change it personally.

Thermostat: (CONTROLS temperature) The person who walks into any room or situation with confidence, fully prepared to set the tone if need be. If the temperature seems “off,” the thermostat can quickly step into action, make adjustments, and maintain those results for any given period of time.

If you read #1 and thought to yourself, “I might be the thermometer amongst my family, friends and colleagues,” pat yourself on the back for being self-aware. If you want the responsibility of a thermostat (aka leader), read the pre-requisites below!

LEADERSHIP is a LIFESTYLE – I have noticed that there is some form of leadership trend via social media going on right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing more positive energy on my news feed but I can’t help but wonder if people think that leadership is a part-time gig.

HABITUAL LEADERSHIP – Leading by example is no job to the thermostat, you will step up to improve your surroundings out of sheer habit and the desire to influence others. Why? Because based on logic, you understand that you are in FULL control of your personal actions and emotions.

TIME DOESN’T STOP – You don’t wait for the magic to happen, you create it. You’re both the magician and the rabbit. You can step into any role necessary to solve problems and maximize on time. No matter how tired, stressed, or inconvenient life may seem, you respect life too much to just sit on the sidelines watching others struggle.

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