There’s a competitive spirit that fuels our Executive Enterprise success, so we do whatever we can to keep it as strong as possible. Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, explained that we pride ourselves on being sports-minded. That makes our weekly soccer game the ultimate way to bring us closer together while enhancing our competitive drive.

The majority of our associates were athletes growing up, so we already share passions for sports. Being able to come together on a weekly basis to strengthen team bonds through physical activity is one of the best parts of working for Executive Enterprise. We want to be our best selves on the playing field, and this translates directly into our outreach campaigns as well.

Our sports-minded work culture is a big part of our identity. Consumers and the people behind our national service partners understand that we’re persistent in achieving big wins. We don’t stop until we’ve created the perfect customer acquisition campaign. At the same time, we have fun as a team in a variety of ways. Weekly soccer games are really just the beginning, as we also enjoy dinners, in-office contests, and a wide range of relaxing getaways that build morale.

We’re committed to excellent performance in all areas, with the right competitive mind-sets to achieve it. Follow Executive Enterprise on Twitter for more on how we challenge ourselves to go the extra mile.

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