It’s almost time for our annual Executive Enterprise R&R trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! This is one of our favorite travel opportunities as well as a prime team bonding event. We’ve been evaluating our team members’ performance and consistency to determine who will be invited on this exciting, all-expenses-paid trip to a tropical paradise.

Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, explained that we’re looking for individuals who embody true leadership skills as we decide who will go to Punta Cana. Those who have been going the extra mile to achieve ambitious goals will be the ones heading out for R&R. Jaclyn also noted that we live by the mantra of work hard, play harder. Our selected top performers will make the most of what Punta Cana has to offer and come back to the Executive Enterprise office with plenty of stories to tell.

One of the best things about venturing out to an exotic locale with teammates is that it offers time for reflection. Being able to get away from daily work roles and take an objective view of current projects and future goals is a blessing. We often come back from our team travel events more inspired than ever to achieve big wins.

We’re ready to find out which team members are Punta Cana-bound. Follow Executive Enterprise on Twitter for updates on this trip and all our team excursions.

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