1. Separate your roll call based on current status Green/Yellow/Red.
Green – Top 20% of your team

These are the people who you can rely on to micro-manage and take on responsibilities. Spend 80% of your time with these people to show the under-performers that they are missing out on quality time/information.)

Yellow – Mid 60%

Your Average performer who has skills but sometimes lacks the will to push for more. These are the people that you should be coaching the Greens to micro-manage. Have 30 second conversations daily with these people and challenge them to do something simple. These people need constant reminders.

Red – Bottom 20%

These people tend to be high maintenance and potential liabilities to your business. Don’t just ignore these people, have a group 5 minute meeting with the bottom 5 performers together in one room about standards and habits. The right people will step up and the wrong people and will respect the fact that you’re paying attention.

2. Recognize your top performers.

Sales should always equal opportunity if you want someone to stick long term. Create incentives based on time or money and always give credit where credit is due in front of their peers, the right people will want their name being called and push for pride. Ex. Team Dinners, Paid Travel, Watch Bonus’, Concert Tickets.

3. Prepare like a professional sports team.

Morning: Practice/Train/Educate/Motivate with high intensity to tweak basic fundamentals before the game.
Day: Game Time: Focus and urgency is the main priority. People tend to get emotional in sales but if you’re too busy working, your thoughts are about winning.
Night: Review the tapes: Make a game plan based on common trends your team is facing while it is all still fresh. Stay focused on your roll call, and game plan according to today, not last week.

4. Create infectious energy.

You are the thermometer in your business. When sales drop, so does the overall tone of your work space. Shake things up with actions: Shake hands with your staff, give compliments to people who are dressed well, play feel good music and bring life to your team with sport-like activities. Ex. Run a meeting outside, do a team stretch, play games.

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