Learning far from the Executive Enterprise office has always been a big part of our success, and this summer has been a prime example. We’ve been on a road trip almost every week over the past month or so, visiting four different areas and markets. Everyone in our office has had the chance to travel this summer, so it’s been a memorable time of education and bonding.

Our most recent trip took us to Pennsylvania, where we trained with new people and discovered what’s working well in a different market. That’s always a great experience, because we can exchange tricks of the trade and pick up some innovative ideas. We typically come back to our home office ready to implement what we’ve learned and aim higher than before.

When we venture away from home with our Executive Enterprise colleagues, we make sure to have fun as we broaden our professional horizons. We check out local restaurants and attractions that make places unique. It’s pretty common for us to discover some shared passions and outside interests we might not have learned about otherwise. Our knack for winning teamwork gets a little bit stronger with every team getaway we plan.

It’s been a memorable summer to say the least. To keep up with all our team travel plans, be sure to follow Executive Enterprise on Instagram.

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