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THE MISSION: To “show you” vs. “tell you” how to discover and maximize on your talents.

1 Year Management Training Program – Massapequa, Long Island

Commission Guarantee Agreement + Health Benefits
Competitive Commissions + Bonus’
Travel Opportunities
Entry Level ($400-$800 weekly)
Training Manager (41K +)
Assistant Manager (58K+)
Senior Managent (75K+)

Our day-to-day operates like a professional sports team.

1. Practice – Skills & Fundamentals

2. Gametime – Results

3. Review the tapes – Evaluation

The entry level portion of the training program is only 3-6 weeks. If hired, we would match you up with a Corporate Trainer would be responsible for your initial growth and development at Executive NY. In week 1, your job is simply to be a humble student while learning all of the do’s and don’ts of sales, marketing and consumer behavior first hand. This is considered to be the “try-out” phase because we put a heavy emphasis on evaluation and accountability. Through one-on-one training, weekly checklists and progress reports we are able to gauge how to best coach you successfully.

Entry Level Client Work:

Learn more about the telecommunications industry.
Test marketing new promotions and incentives.
Consulting with current and former customers based on leads provided by the client.
Personalize the customer experience with good intent.

Corporate Trainer:

New Hire Training
Conduct Daily/Weekly Training Classes
Team Management

If we are interested in moving forward, you will be contacted via email/phone within the next

1-2 days. We appreciate you taking the time to check us out! We look forward to growing with you! #goodvibesonly

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