My name is Ben V., and I’m a rising Junior at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. This summer, I have the pleasure of interning at Executive Enterprise NY in Massapequa, New York, just about 15 minutes away from my hometown, Merrick. What initially stood out to me about Executive Enterprise was our mutual love for sports, specifically soccer. The company sponsors its own office soccer team, the Executive Lions. Each week, the company’s CEO, Jaclyn Zepernick, hosts a team night at a local park where the entire office gathers for soccer. Some of our best performing Corporate Trainers and Account Managers are elected to be team captains, and the office splits into the most intense but healthy competition of the week. I knew that, if chosen to be a part of such a unique but dicverse corporate culture, I would have a creative and athletic outlet that I hoped to maintain with the added pressure of a summer internship.

Executive Enterprise values growth, both personal and professional, beyond anything. When I first approached the Entry- Level Management Training Program position at the company, I planned to use my sales and marketing skills most, since that’s what my academic focus is in, but I was surprised when I had the opportunity to use my recruiting knowledge and strengths gained from my position in my college fraternity. As a member and current Recorder of Sigma Nu fraternity at High Point, I’m responsible for recruiting highly qualified and unique members to the organization year-round. During my initial interview process, I was presented with the basic breakdown of the Management Trainig Program internship, which I was super excited to learn more about and be involved in, but my torn ACL and meniscus prevented me from being able to complete the necessary tasks of the job. Though I was worried that my physical implications would prevent me from getting the job offer at Executive Enterprise, Jaclyn, the company’s CEO, offered me the position with the compromise that I use my recruiting skills to work as an administrator for the last three weeks of my recovery. I was so excited to not only have the opportunity to pursue an internship in my chos en career path while being injured but also to have the chance to combine my passions of my fraternity and recruitment into a temporary corporate position.

As my administrative position comes to an end, I am confident in my ability to control, assess, and recruit an applicant base of 100 people per day. This past December I was elected to be on my fraternity’s Executive Council Board, where I’m in charge of making complicated decisions for a large group of current members and the future members of the organization. Altogether, I can’t help but reflect the skills that I gained from recruiting at Executive Enterprise and am excited to use these skills in my current board position during the academic year.

Additionally, I’m heavily involved with the philanthropic events that my chapter host. Most notably, I helped to raise $24,000 for the American Heart Association through hosting multiple car shows. I realized how much these philanthropic efforts aligned with the interests and foundation of Executive Enterprise because the company prides itself on its community involvement and philanthropic efforts. When I’m not conducting recruitment research or actively recruiting candidates on the job, my time at Executive Enterprise is most often spent researching community involvement opportunities.

Next week, I will officially begin the Management Training Program. I’m excited to learn from the company’s top Corporate Trainers and Account Managers who have shared their personal visions of Management. I am curious to see how my experience in administration and recruitment translates into my roles in sales, marketing, and business management. My biggest realization at the company was that not many of the training program members intended on driving sales in their careers. Rather, most of the team is interested in journalism, business development, sports management, construction, teaching, etc. I’m excited to share my perspective of sales with the rest of the company, as Jaclyn was particularly interested in my career interest of sales. When I was in high school, I distinctly remember that my grandfather, who owned his own business, would always remind me that sales skills are those that can be used anywhere, any time. He taught me that sales are tangible items of success that serve as reminders of hard work and motivation. “Fruits of your labor,” he used to say. I am still a strong believer of good karma and the idea of material success following hard work. Since then, I’ve concentrated on both Sales and Business Development throughout college, and I plan to obtain a career in sales. I look forward to sharpening my skills in sales as well as public speaking and interpersonal communication over the next two months at Executive Enterprise.

In a few short weeks, I have learned many things not only to benefit the company but to benefit myself as a person. Learning to recruit will help me transition easier to the sales field and also learning to be more personable and communicate better by learning how to pitch not only the company to people but the kind of person I am and that people that work here. This experience will also help me when I go back to school and recruit new members because I learned so much about how meeting and listening to someone can tell you how they will fit into your company or organization.

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