Season’s Greetings from Executive Enterprise

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Season’s Greetings From Executive Enterprise

The team at Executive Enterprise would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a very special New Year! We hope you have a lovely holiday season filled with light, cheer, and joy. 

At Executive Enterprise, we encourage all to follow their Dreams, Passions, and Inspirations and NEVER let the fear of failure or fear of the unknown disable the full-potential within.

As part of the initiative for the upcoming New Year of 2020, “Executive Acts of Kindness,” Executive Enterprise is proud to announce the carefully selected charity that Executive will contribute to the mission of PAWS NY. The event will be planned in regard to publicity, not until mid-2020. However, on November 15, at Executive Enterprise, we will promote the 2020 initiative, before our campaign’s launch. We at Executive Enterprise have agreed to partner with Savers. We are thrilled to belong to the Area Development team as we participate in a FUNDrive.

We take this opportunity to inform our clients that we’re closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 

If you need any assistance from us during the holiday season, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking here