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Executive Enterprise is dedicated to empowering the community around us. Social responsibility is a top priority and we strive to put our people and the community first. Our Senior Manager, Jaclyn Zepernick, believes in leading by example and creating an environment where each individual is connected through fundraising, volunteering, and supporting those in need. How do you impact your community?

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Executive Enterprise Examines Making A Cause Into A Career

27 JAN,2017

For many people, causes such as human rights are just a side project or hobby. However, it is possible to take something that you care about and turn it into a career. For Executive Enterprise this has meant taking on non-profit clients and participating regularly in volunteering and charity events. Some people take this even further and dedicate their lives to a particular cause. If you have a cause that you are passionate about, you may want to consider making a career of supporting that cause.

Of course this path will inevitably be fraught with obstacles and naysayers. Many people will tell you that it isn’t a legitimate career or that you can’t make a real living in the non-profit sector. While it may be a little more difficult, you can definitely make a comfortable living working in charity or social work and will be doing something you love at the same time.

Sometimes it will seem like the issues you care about are too big to ever be addressed. Try to avoid this thinking; however, when it does inevitably come, try identifying one smaller part of the issue to start tackling first. This will enable you to build momentum as you make more and more impact. If you have the ability, try traveling to spend time in other cultures. This will help to develop your appreciation for other people in the world and will provide valuable perspective. It will also help you to tackle obstacles on your career path by learning from others.

Making a cause you care about into a career can be a rewarding choice. Although it can be a difficult path to take, if you can make it work, you will have a great career doing what you love.

Executive Enterprise Highlights The Benefits Of Volunteering


No matter how busy we are at Executive Enterprise, we regularly take time to give back to our community. This sometimes takes the form of charitable giving and participation in fundraisers, but we really treasure opportunities for hands-on volunteer work. So much good comes from it – and not just for the organizations we assist. By giving back to your community, you will enjoy the following:

  • Anyone Can Do It: Without a doubt, there is something for everyone. Even individuals who struggle with time constraints, disabilities, or lack of transportation can help their communities. Think of all that can be accomplished on a computer or over the phone, for instance.
  • It Will Improve Your Mental Health: Through helping others, you will feel better about yourself and more satisfied with your life. Volunteering has been known to help combat depression, and of you work with animals you’ll notice a decrease in your stress level.
  • It Will Connect You to Others: You will interact with people you may not otherwise ever get to meet. This paves the way for new friends and contacts for your professional network, and is perfect of improving your social skills.
  • It Can Further Your Career: Volunteer opportunities will allow you to practice skills that are highly valuable in the workplace, such as task management and project planning. They are also great avenues for gaining experience in different fields, which may lead to a change in your professional goals.

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Philanthropy is an important part of our culture at Executive Enterprise, and we regularly engage in hands-on volunteer work in our community. While there is no shortage of causes in need of assistance, we decided to offer some suggestions so that you may contribute your time and support to an agency in the region as well.

For anyone with an affinity for four-legged companions, we suggest that you reach out to Animal Care and Control of NYC (nyacc.org) or the American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (aspca.org). There are dogs to walk, cats to cuddle, and cages to clean. You might even start a neighborhood watch program to identify and report signs of animal abuse.

If you aren’t sure exactly how you would like to help, NYC Service (nycservice.org) is the place to go. You will discover a wide range of opportunities, such as tutoring and planting trees. There are hundreds of options from which to choose.

Perhaps you’d like to get your whole family involved. New York Cares (newyorkcares.org) presents opportunities for teens as well as their parents, siblings, and other relations to give back to the community. You and your loved ones might run a holiday coat drive, for instance.

Are you a good listener? If so, consider reaching out to The Samaritans of New York (samaritansnyc.org). This organization trains volunteers to run a suicide prevention hotline. You can save lives just by lending your ear.

We at Executive Enterprise hope that you will connect with these or other organizations to improve the lives of those in your community. Not only that, but you will feel better for it as well.

The Power of Giving:

“I truly believe that as a businesses owner, it is my responsibility to influence others to do the right thing. it is impossible to receive more from the world if you are not actively giving more. Introducing philanthropy into my day to day business has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career thus far.”

Executive Enterprise CEO, Jaclyn Zepernick

Executive Enterprise Tips on: Spreading Kindness

  1. Be generous and others will be generous, too. you can’t expect others to be generous and invested in your cause if you don’t invest in it yourself. Part of the reason our projects have been successful is because they are transparent and people can see exactly what we are donating and how we got there.
  2. Build exciting projects that people want to get involved in. Get creative and start something applicable to your business that will gain traction. One key element that helped us to do this was to actively listen to the ideas of our internal team members. It’s been an incredible opportunity to learn more about what really matters to them.
  3. Don’t be afraid to spread the word. A cynic might presume that the only reason to shout about your philanthropic mission is for some good publicity. Although this may be beneficial, it is really just a side effect. If you’re serious about your mission, the most beneficial thing you can do to get everyone in your personal and professional network involved.

One in nine people around the world do not have access to the most basic of human needs – water. Imagine going 12 hours without it and your only source to water is a polluted swamp. Executive Enterprise is dedicated to helping provide relief for those in need and helping spread awareness. Cambodia, Haiti, India and Rwanda Charity: Water

How Do Our Values Satisfy Your Goals?

  • Charity Water
  • The Power of Giving
  • Executive Enterprise Tips on Spreading Kindness
  • Charity Water
  • The Power of Giving
  • Executive Enterprise Tips on Spreading Kindness

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  • Executive Enterprise and the Renaissance Youth Center value the same qualities.
  • Our goals align: our employees possess the qualities that you’re looking for in a mentor.
  • We have experience volunteering with similar philanthropies.
  • Growth -based performance is our priority.

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