Many companies claim to be team-oriented, but Executive Enterprise takes that statement a step further. We model ourselves after professional sports teams and have adopted some of the same winning habits as well.

For instance, our entry-level team members are just like athletes in the tryout stage. Our training camp, the Young Entrepreneur Program, moves new hires through every facet of our operations, giving them exposure to the big picture of how our company works. This is also where our novice associates get chances to learn from seasoned veterans. These managers and team leaders know the ropes, because they too have worked their way forward from entry level.

Speaking of our Executive Enterprise leadership team, these people are who we consider to be our players. They’re the ones with names and numbers on their jerseys, going out there every day and putting their hearts and souls into winning customers over for our national service partners.

Just as sports teams review tapes after game day, we also spend time evaluating our past successes and consider ways we can make better choices in the future. There’s always room for improvement, and it bolsters our confidence to reflect on our victories.

We’re finely-tuned professionals that bring our A-games to the office with us every day. Learn more about our team spirit by following Executive Enterprise on Twitter.

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