We take a lot of pride in the inspiring work culture we’ve cultivated at Executive Enterprise. Our inclusive atmosphere brings out the best in everyone. We celebrate unique talents and encourage people to do what they love. Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, is a big believer in the power of giving as well. The example she sets every day plays a major role in the supportive culture we’ve been able to maintain.

Jaclyn’s spirit is perhaps best reflected in our Hobby of the Month team-building efforts. We’ve done many fun things around our office as a result of this unique endeavor. They include making candles and jewelry, finishing furniture, and creating canvases. We grow closer on a personal level as we explore our hidden talents and discover new passions.

This vital Executive Enterprise tradition emerged from Jaclyn’s love of finding great deals when traveling for work. She’s been to a lot of thrift stores along the way, where she’s found amazing business books that stoke her motivation. Through these efforts, Jaclyn has been able to combine hobbies with team building and keep us inspired day in and day out. We love using our creative energies with our teammates, and we look forward to each new Hobby of the Month reveal!

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