We’re preparing for one of our favorite travel events around the Executive Enterprise office – the Dallas Conference. This event gathers all kinds of high achievers from across our industry. Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, explained that the Dallas Conference is a great chance to connect with people who have gone through similar career journeys to reach the management level.

Of her experiences with the event, Jaclyn commented, “Meeting multiple successful business owners right around my age made things seem real for me. The conference made me realize that my success story was going to be based on my personal efforts. From there, I created extremely detailed goals which turned into tangible game plans. After four months of hard work and follow through, I opened up my first company.”

A few members of Team Executive Enterprise have also had memorable experiences at this event. Tom D. explained, “Dallas is one of the most useful tools we have in order to be successful in our business. It’s a great meeting of the minds where managers currently more successful than myself share their stories and mind-sets. I’ve never been in a place so devoted to helping each person grow both personally and business-wise.”

Odrine B. stated, “Dallas was always mentioned by the crème de la crème, so even though I had never been there I wanted to experience it for myself. It’s the reason why I kick-started this training program, because it reminded me why I was doing this in the first place. I was surrounded by opportunity and problem solvers in Dallas, and I honestly was just in awe.”

Ronny B. commented, “Going to Dallas really opened my eyes to the power of networking and my circle of influence. Not only did I get to learn awesome marketing techniques that would help me in my career, I also got to meet the people who will later be the influences of my success. The stories they shared and the energy they brought made me want to have the same impact on others.”

It’s clear that we all gain a lot when we attend the Dallas Conference. For updates on this year’s event, follow Executive Enterprise on Twitter.

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