We love taking time out to highlight our top Executive Enterprise performers each month, so we’re happy to recognize Georgianne for her insane work ethic and positive attitude. Georgianne works in human resources and cares just as much about everyone else growing as she does her personal growth. Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, noted that Georgianne has reached the position of office manager and is driven to be the best she can in all her pursuits.

Georgianne attended Stony Brook University before joining Team Executive Enterprise. Ever since she came on board, she has gone above and beyond to achieve her goals and help her teammates at the same time. Jaclyn explained that some people will do just enough to reach a positive outcome, but Georgianne always goes above and beyond to beat all expectations.

Jaclyn believes it’s important to stick to a few guidelines when highlighting great performance in the workplace. She stated that being as specific as possible is the best place to start when putting someone in the company spotlight. Doing so ensures that the positive behavior being rewarded will be clear to everyone else on the team. Our CEO wants every moment of praise to be an inspiration for the entire office.

We’re proud to have Georgianne setting a great example in our workspace. Follow Executive Enterprise on Twitter for details on all our top performers.

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