Through the course of Executive Enterprise’s growth, our team has bonded over our shared love of soccer. In fact, we’ve learned that we have many soccer players in our office who want to continue their passion for the game. That’s why we created the Executive Lions, our very own soccer team.

Jaclyn, our Executive Enterprise CEO, explained that our morale consistently soars after a rousing game. She explained that we get to hang out in a totally different context from our normal busy workdays. This leads to deeper personal connections as well as fresh perspectives on current and future projects. Some of our best ideas have emerged on the field. We’re able to learn from each other when we compete against other teams, which makes us even more of a force to be reckoned with in the customer acquisition industry.

We’re based in New York, so we compete indoors during the winter and then head outside when the weather warms up again. It goes without saying that we’re all anticipating a nice, warm spring to indulge in our soccer habit more than ever in 2019. Jaclyn noted that we work hard to achieve big wins for innovative brands, so we play just as hard at the game we love.

Playing soccer together is just one of the ways we fortify our successful camaraderie. Like Executive Enterprise on Facebook to learn more about our team-building activities.

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