We’ve created a remarkable tradition around the Executive Enterprise office with our Challenge Fridays. At the end of every week, we engage in team and individual feats of strength to stir up the competitive vibe in our workspace. Not only do these events bring us closer as team members, they’re fun chances to create lasting memories.

Our weekly challenges reflect the Executive Enterprise approach to long-term success. Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, explained that persistence is one of the key traits that professionals must develop. Sticking with the tasks we tackle every Friday helps us build extra grittiness, which we then take into ambitious projects on behalf of our national service partners.

Of course, our Challenge Fridays are also great learning tools. We push beyond our current skill sets to get the most value out of these weekly events, gaining confidence as we do so. By the time the following week begins, we’re better equipped to deliver winning outcomes.

There’s a special kind of chemistry we develop through our weekly challenges. We discover hidden talents and even some shared interests as we push ourselves each week. Our collaboration on work projects is definitely stronger as a result of our ambitious weekly pursuits. We come to appreciate the talents we have under one roof even more.

There’s always a new fun challenge right around the corner for Team Executive Enterprise. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates on how we’re giving ourselves chances to learn and grow every Friday.

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