We’re always happy to showcase the professional talent we have on Team Executive Enterprise. However, we also take time to recognize the passions and skills our people indulge in away from the office. Jaclyn, our firm’s CEO, explained that we’re not the same type of crew you might see in other companies. We’re a group of people who can do anything we want in our lives both inside and outside of the workplace.

One of our guiding Executive Enterprise philosophies is that you don’t have to lose who you are to gain a career. We’ve had Olympians and pro soccer players on our team, and they’ve been encouraged to talk about their unique talents as we carry out our innovative outreach campaigns. Jaclyn believes sharing details about the wide range of skills our people boast makes our firm a more attractive landing spot for top-shelf talent.

Along with our team’s collective natural talent, we also use morale-boosting events to help reach our group potential. In-office competitions are especially spirited due to all the accomplished individuals we have under our roof. The more our high achievers compete with each other, the more we appreciate how much we can achieve together.

Just like social media influencers and podcast hosts, we’re spreading the word about our amazingly talented group. Check out our Executive Enterprise Newswire feed for updates on our team members’ pursuits.

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