Executive Enterprise is a growing business. We’re recognized across the telecommunication sector for our expertise in customer acquisitions, thanks to our highly trained, professional team. As we continue to increase the market footprint for our partners, we open doors for more people to get on board and succeed in their careers with us.

Of course, there are some critical attributes we seek in the ideal candidate. “We are looking for someone who has morals, values, integrity and a hint of grit,” said Jaclyn, Executive Enterprise’s CEO. One of the other factors is entrepreneurship. While this term could be considered a trendy topic for interviews, we sincerely want to hire people who will seriously approach work as if they own the business themselves. Most key, we seek applicants with good intentions.

How else can you shine in an interview with Executive Enterprise? Here’s how:

• Discuss Results: We’re a team that gets the job done and we want others who join us to have that same moxie. Therefore, from résumé to interview answers, we tend to hire those who can show a track record of success – including the ability to not only highlight their results but demonstrate how they achieved them.

• Culture Fit: In addition to the traits Jaclyn listed, we also want to know that the person we hire will bond well with our current team. The measuring stick we use here is whether or not we’d like to hang out with this person after work. If the answer is yes, that’s another plus in the hiring decision.

As you can see, we’re committed to growth for everyone, which starts with hiring well. Check out our Newswire for updates on our recruitment process.

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