With a whole new crop of grads about to enter the job market, Executive Enterprise is getting a jumpstart on recruiting. We recently visited several universities on Long Island and the NYC metro area, including Pace University, Stony Brook University, Hofstra, F.I.T., and Fordham. At each of these events, we spread the word about both the open positions on our team and our summer internship program.

In addition to the job fair circuit, our CEO Jaclyn’s love for supporting our community kept our team hopping in March. It was National Kidney Month, so we brought our giveback efforts to local hospitals. This effort was great for our team, and something to talk about with potential recruits for Executive Enterprise. Without doubt, more college students seek companies who engage in social good, and that is our team!

If you’ve never been to a job fair, here’s what to consider:

• Know What You Want From a Career: When you’re at a job fair, consider more than just the title or field. Think about the long-term prospects and where you want to be in five to 10 years.

• Know What You Want From an Employer: Have a list of questions to ask about qualities that are important to you. Consider factors such as training, career tracks, and opportunities to network and develop professionally.

• Bring Your Résumé and Portfolio: The company representatives you meet tend to be in HR. You want to treat these meetings as prelim interviews as they are screening candidates. Go a step further – research the companies that are there and have some points to discuss.

We’ll be out to more colleges soon, so check out Executive Enterprise’s Newswire for updates.

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